How to Make Your PC Talk

Today, I am talking about how to make your pc talk.It is possible to talking your words or lines PC, Many talker softwares are already present in several windows but these could not be find easier. So i am making a simple script to makes your PC talk. In this script you enter any word or line and hit OK button, now
your PC talking your entered word or line. This script is very easy to create and easy to use this script.

How to Make Your PC Talk:

Follow simple steps to make your pc talk,

1. Open your Notpad
Right click in your Desktop > New > Text Document.

2. Paste the following code,

Dim Message, Speak

Message=InputBox(“Enter text”,””)

Set Speak=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)

Speak.Speak Message

3. Now click on File Menu > Save As > Save the file with the name ofSpeak.vbs.

4. Now Open the file and type any word and hit OK button.

In this way Your Pc talking your entered words. Enjoy 🙂

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